Get Lost (Australia)
After Dark: Seoul Jul 2016  Issue 49
China’s Wild West Jul 2017  Issue 53

Outpost (Canada)
Sin City Seoul Sep/Oct 2015
Four Oceans, No Planes (Online Series) Sep 2016 – Mar 2017
Vice (Canada)
A Visit to Europe’s Last Dictatorship Jul 2017
I Travelled to Russia’s Northernmost City to Be Its Only Tourist Dec 2016
Why the World’s Largest Church Still Worships Its Embezzling Former Leader May 2016
Expats Really Like to Drink in Front of Korean Convenience Stores May 2015

Vice-Munchies (US)
The Joy of Not-So-Secretly Drinking on Russian Trains Feb 2018
A Mission to Find the Spiciest Dish in Calabria May 2017
Finding True Irish Moonshine Is Harder Than You'd Think Mar 2017
Singapore's Best Chilli Crab Is in a 60-Year-Old Public Housing Complex Oct 2016
Why Koreans Eat Boiling-Hot Soup on the Most Sweltering Days of Summer Jun 2016
Behind Korea's Obsession with Fried Chicken and Beer Apr 2016
Koreans Don't Want to Admit They're Eating Chinese Kimchi Jan 2016
Scoot (Singapore)
The Art and Seoul Jun 2016
Roads & Kingdoms (US)
Albania’s Bunker Problem May 2017
Groove (Korea)
A Spoonful of Ewhaju Marks an 800-Year-Old Korean Tradition Jan 2016 (Issuu pg 50)
Fighting for a fair deal Nov 2015 (Issuu pg 30)
Little Russia Mar 2015 (print only)

Japan Beer Times (Japan)
Craft Beer Korea • Winter 2015 (print only)

Paste (US)
Take Five: Live Music Venues in Seoul, South Korea May 2016
Where to Have a Drink (or Get Drunk) in Seoul, Korea Apr 2016
Zester Daily (US, Wire)
Wither Belgian beer? Rise of US brews hurts old-world craft Jan 2017
A Kazakhstan chef celebrates the horse: In four dishes Dec 2016
Malaysia’s Night Market: The Meet And Eat Place Oct 2016
Hurry To Seoul’s Soju Tents! May The Party Never End Sep 2016
Male or Female Alcopops? South Koreans Pick One Aug 2016
Fight for soul of Seoul’s Iconic Fish Market Jun 2016
South Korea’s latest food craze: BBQ lamb skewers May 2016
Ask Men (Canada)
South Korean Men & Grooming May 2016
Wine Enthusiast (US)
An Ode to Drunken Rice May 2016
The Hockey News (Canada)
Hired Guns: S. Korea’s Canadian hockey talent ahead of the 2018 Olympics Jul 2016
VinePair (US)
A Rakia-Fueled Adventure Through the Balkans Jun 2017
Roads & Kingdoms (US) (5 O’clock Somewhere/Breakfast)
Tiramisu Stout in Delft Jul 2017
Brennivin in Heimaey Jul 2017
Chicken soup in Hamburg Jul 2017
Screech in Logy BayJul 2017
Falafel in Berlin Jun 2017
Skyr in Reykjavik Jun 2017
Beer in Budapest Jun 2017
Pancakes in Chisinau May 2017
Beer in Viareggio May 2017
Burek in Dubrovnik May 2017
Paçe in Tirana Apr 2017
Ruda in Ljubljana Apr 2017
Cake and cookies in Rome Apr 2017
Spaghetti aglio e olio in Turin Apr 2017
Beer in Ordino Mar 2017
Accras de morue and beignets de crevettes in Paris Mar 2017
Hot whiskey in Kilkenny Mar 2017
Pastis in Casablanca Mar 2017
Khlii in Marrakech Mar 2017
Fish and Chips on the Rosslare-Cherbourg Ferry Feb 2017
Beer in Geneva Feb 2017
Barley wine in Brussels Jan 2017
Becherovka in Prague Dec 2016
Vodka in Murmansk Dec 2016
Chamisul Classic on the Karimata Straits Oct 2016
Makgeolli in Seoul Jan 2016
Tsingtao in Qingdao Sep 2015
Whiskey in Itaewon Aug 2015

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