Hi, I'm Jo ... i do a lot of things

I take photos.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, majoring in Photography. Check out some of my published or personal work to see how I view the world. It could be a nicely composed plate of food, or an abandoned hand-washing station. Things that make me go, “Ooooh.” (And sometimes, “Ewww.”) Click here for a full list of publications.

I travel.
In buses and trains mostly. My husband and I give ourselves challenges that involve going overland from point A to point B. We’ve spent over three years doing this in almost 60 countries. Why? Why not. Here is my photo blog of our last trip involving 4 oceans and zero planes.

I make stuff.
Like jewellery. I’ve been perfecting my necklaces made from old maps and the reams of handmade papers I’ve accumulated on my travels. Check out my Etsy shop! - I’m gonna be a billionaire.

I teach people.
I’m a CELTA-qualified English language instructor and I’ve been doing it for 17 years. I get to peek into the lives of students from all over the world, which is a pretty great way to spend the day.
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